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Is Protein Powder before bed bad?

Protein powder before bed can be useful when trying to build muscle, but it may not be optimal for those seeking to lose weight.

If you are using protein powder to improve muscle mass, taking protein before bed can help keep your body in an anabolic state. The anabolic state is a state of muscle growth rather than breakdown which naturally occurs when we sleep at night. While no great gains are made during the evening, protein intake before bed helps prevent the breakdown of muscle cells during the night. The most useful protein source for this is casein. Casein is very slow to digest and can take up to 7 hours. This provides a slow steady absorption of amino acids into your blood stream.

If you are using protein powder for weight loss, taking it before bed may not be the best time. At night your protein requirements are at a minimum and excess protein can be stored as fat. A large serve of protein powder can actually cause weight gains.

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