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Explore Bulk Supplements Casein Protein: a lean, slow-releasing protein powder with 25g protein per serving, ideal for muscle recovery and growth support.
Bulk Supplements Casein Protein

Bulk Supplements has been a recognizable name in the fitness supplement industry, known for providing straightforward, no-nonsense products. Their Casein Protein is no exception to this rule, offering a simple and effective ingredient list that gets right to the point: Casein Protein Powder.

Each serving of this product, measured at one scoop (30g), delivers a substantial 25g of protein with zero net carbs and zero fats, making it an excellent choice for individuals following a low-carb or ketogenic diet. With only 110 calories per serving, it’s a lean source of slow-releasing protein, ideal for those looking to support muscle recovery and growth during sleep or prolonged periods without food.

The primary and only ingredient, Casein Protein Powder, is known for its slow digestion and absorption rate, providing a steady release of amino acids to your muscles. This makes it particularly beneficial as a pre-bedtime supplement, ensuring your muscles receive the nourishment they need through the night.

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So what do you get in this product? That's right, the ingredient list includes casein protein and nothing more. The simplicity of a raw product with no additional ingredients is quite refreshing and gives you the flexibility to mix up your own flavors by adding the product to your own concoctions.

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That said, it also misses out on some possibly useful ingredients that you may like included. This includes flavor, sweetener and additives for ease of mixability. We wouldn't call this a downfall of the product though, but something to consider depending on your protein routine. While it's ideal for home-made smoothies, its lack of flavor might not suit on-the-go consumption.

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Bulk Supplements Casein Protein’s effectiveness in muscle recovery and growth is commendable with no fillers to pack out this product. With a generous 25g of protein per 30g serving, it offers a substantial amount of this vital macronutrient to support your fitness goals efficiently.


The star ingredient, casein protein, is renowned for its slow digestion and absorption rates. This slow-release mechanism ensures a steady stream of amino acids to your muscles over extended periods, making it an ideal supplement for nighttime use or between meals. This continuous supply aids in optimal muscle recovery and growth, supporting the repair processes that occur during rest or periods of fasting.

The product shines in its low-carb and fat-free profile. With zero net carbs and zero fat per serving, it’s an excellent choice for individuals on strict dietary plans, such as ketogenic or low-carb diets. This lean composition allows users to incorporate it into their regimen without worrying about excess calorie intake from carbs or fats, focusing solely on the protein content.



In terms of taste, the unflavored variant is as neutral as it gets. It doesn’t have a distinct or overpowering flavor, making it versatile for mixing with various beverages without altering their taste significantly. Basically, on its own, it tastes a bit like milk, but quite bland. This neutrality is beneficial for those who prefer to customize their protein shakes with different flavors or simply want to avoid the sweetness commonly found in flavored protein powders.

The texture of this Casein Protein is smooth but slightly thicker compared to its whey counterparts. When mixed with water, it has a mild, creamy consistency, which we found easy to drink. However, casein naturally has a thicker texture, so it might take a little getting used to.

In terms of mixability, the powder integrates fairly well with both water and milk. A vigorous shake or a blend is enough to create a lump-free mixture. However, due to its thicker consistency, we’d recommend using a bit more liquid than you would with a whey protein to achieve your desired consistency. A blender might be a handy tool for a perfectly smooth texture, but a shaker does the job decently.



Evaluating the value of Bulk Supplements Casein Protein, it comfortably situates itself in the mid-range category, offering commendable quality at a reasonable price.

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Considering the ingredient list, the product is straightforward and uncomplicated, featuring solely casein protein powder. The simplicity of the ingredient list not only speaks to its purity but also reflects in its cost-effectiveness. With no additional premium ingredients or proprietary blends, you’re paying purely for the protein, which is a significant advantage for those who seek a straightforward supplement without unnecessary frills.

When compared to other Casein products in the market, Bulk Supplements provides competitive pricing. While it may not be the absolute least expensive option available, it is certainly close. Importantly, considering the quality and purity of the protein source is crucial, and these are areas where Bulk Supplements does not compromise.

For those who appreciate simplicity and are possibly looking to customize their supplement stack, Bulk Supplements Casein Protein offers excellent value.



Bulk Supplements Casein Protein offers a straightforward approach to supplementation, focusing on delivering quality Casein Protein without unnecessary additives. With a substantial 25g of protein per serving, it effectively supports muscle recovery and growth through its slow-releasing protein mechanism, providing a steady amino acid supply to muscles over time.

When compared to the competition, this product stands out for its simplicity and purity. While some competitors may offer added ingredients for enhanced benefits, Bulk Supplements keeps it simple, which can be an advantage for users looking for a clean and straightforward protein source. This simplicity also makes it a versatile option, allowing users to incorporate it into various dietary plans without concern for conflicting flavors or additional ingredients.

However, if you aim to use this product on the go, or want your flavor built in, then this product may not be the right fit. We tend to find a simple vanilla flavor allows for a good compromise that can be used as a basis for your own flavors or used as-is on the go.

Would we recommend it? Yes, it's a great product for those seeking a no-frills, effective, and reliable source of casein protein. Perfect for those who appreciate product purity and are looking for a steady and sustained release of amino acids to support their muscle recovery and growth.

Bulk Supplements Casein Protein

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