Shake Up your Protein Powder recipes

Bored with your regular protein drink? Looking for some ways to shake up your protein meal plans? Try these five protein powder tips!


This much-talked-about idea is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to include extra protein in your day. Mix your powder with milk before pouring it over your oats. For a low-fat and lower-calorie version try almond milk instead of dairy. You can even soak your oats overnight in the protein mix with some chopped nuts and seeds and top your new bircher-style breakfast with fresh fruit.

The possibilities are as diverse as protein flavors:
    Try mixing fresh strawberries with vanilla protein powder.

    Sprinkle some cinnamon and dates through an unflavored mix and add some grated apple.

    For a real treat, grate some dark 70% chocolate over a bowl of chocolate-flavored oatmeal. Add some chopped pecans.


Before you start questioning why ice cream might be on this list, go and do some Google searches for “nice cream”.

Nice cream is a term used to describe frozen, blended fruit - often bananas - the texture of which resembles ice cream or sorbet. This incredible alternative to sugar and fat-laden treats is a reason to celebrate alone.

Mix your protein powder with 1/4 - 1/2 cup milk or plant milk. Pop it in the blender or food processor with a couple of frozen bananas to create the base ice cream. Just like protein oats, the combination of flavors is only limited to your imagination:
  • Use chocolate protein and top with some raw cacao nibs.

  • Frozen berries with vanilla and cardamom.

  • Swirl some peanut butter through and top with chopped nuts.


The joy of these bite-sized treats is that you can make a large supply at once. A word of warning though: they’re so delicious you may need to restrain yourself!

Protein balls are usually made with a date base, so be aware of the sugar content if this is a concern for you. An alternative is to use almond or peanut butter, both of which work as good binders, but are also higher in fat.

There is a huge variety of recipes available, and any combination of protein powder, dried fruit, nuts and seeds can create a smorgasbord of protein-rich treats. You can also add in oats, roasted buckwheat, or almond meal to adjust the texture and nutrient content.

  • Chocolate protein with peanut butter.

  • Dates with strawberry protein and desiccated coconut.

  • Orange zest with almonds and a fruity amino acid blend.


It’s entirely possible to add a scoop of unflavored protein to your savory dishes. A little powder will go undetected in a meal and will boost the protein content without compromising on flavor.

For the adventurous, try adding a tiny bit of unsweetened chocolate protein to a dark bean dish. Many Mexican dishes include dark chocolate and chili, and although far from an authentic meal, it’s possible to make a version of this with a good quality protein powder.


If you can have dipping cheese and dipping chocolate, why not make a version with protein added?

Choose a flavorless powder and add it to your guacamole, cashew, and spinach dip, or even tahini sauce to dress your power greens with. Add a little at a time, and use water, almond milk, or lemon juice to balance the flavor and texture as you go.

For a sweet version, use your favorite flavor and mix it with nut butter, melted chocolate, or coconut cream. Drizzle these over your pancakes or fresh fruit.
The possibilities are endless, and the inclusion of protein powder opens up a whole new world of recipes. Food lovers rejoice, you can have your protein and cook with it too!

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