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Is Vegan Protein Powder a complete protein?

In most cases the answer is no, as plant based sources rarely have all essential amino acids at levels that the body requires. Soy is the only exception that does include all essential amino acids, but if you already have a diet rich in soy it may be best to select an alternative source. Too much soy has been linked with certain side effects when too much is consumed.

There is no great bad news in that though, as it simply means that variety is key. In this case there are certain combinations of plant-based protein powders that provide a complete protein when taken together. The cheapest and possible the most popular is the combination of pea and rice protein powders. Together these two proteins compliment one another and provide a highly bioavailable and complete protein source.

Pea and hemp protein powder also combine to make a reasonably complete protein, with the added health benefits that hemp protein powder has to offer.

There are also many mixed plant proteins which are also well balanced by their manufacturers to provide a complete amino acid profile.

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