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What is Protein Powder?

What is protein powder? Well it’s actually less about the protein and more about the amino acids contained within the protein.
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What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp protein powder is made from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. The resulting powder is high in protein, fiber and omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids.
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What is Pea Protein Powder?

Pea protein powder is a refined pea protein concentrate made from the yellow split pea after extraneous elements such as carbs and fat have been removed.
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What is Whey Concentrate?

Whey concentrate is the cheapest and least refined whey protein that is made from a milk byproduct of the cheese making process.
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What is Soy Protein Powder?

Soy protein powder is made from soy beans of the legume family and provides one of the best plant-based protein options for vegans and vegetarians.
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What is Plant Protein Powder?

Plant protein powder is derived from plant sources high in protein and as a a non-animal sourced means of boosting protein intake.
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What is Whey Hydrolysate?

Whey hydrolysate is a whey isolate that has been processed with the addition of enzymes to pre-digest and break down some of the amino acid bonds.
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What is Whey Isolate?

What is Whey Isolate? Whey isolate undergoes the same processing as whey concentrate, but is passed through additional filtering processes...
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What is Egg Protein Powder?

Egg protein powder is made from the egg whites of chicken eggs and provides a densely packed complete protein that is of medium digesting speed.
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