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Is Hemp Protein Powder bad for you?

Hemp protein powder has no specific side effects, but is high in fiber, so taking too much too quickly can cause gas, bloating or diarrhea in rare cases.
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Is Protein Powder bad for your liver?

Unless you have a preexisting condition such as cirrhosis, protein actually helps your liver to function by repairing and regenerating your liver tissue.
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Is Whey Protein Powder bad for you?

No, whey protein powder is not bad for you, in fact quite the opposite and have a great many health benefits including muscle development and weight loss.
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Is Rice Protein Powder bad for you?

On the contrary, rice protein powder is hypoallergenic and a highly bioavailable source of protein, which can be used to effectively increase protein intake.
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Is Whey Protein bad for cholesterol?

No, actually whey protein powder has been shown to be helpful in reducing LDL or bad cholesterol in some studies, though the evidence is not yet conclusive.
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Is Beef Protein Powder bad for you?

Beef protein powder can be an excellent source if you choose a good quality product. Unfortunately beef protein powders can vary greatly in the quality.
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Is Soy Protein Powder bad for you?

Soy protein powder like any other has its own health characteristics and in some circumstances may result in unintended side effects.
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Are Protein Shakes bad for acne?

Protein powder itself is not a cause for acne, but there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that whey protein powder can increase acne in some people.
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