Tri-sodium citrate

Ingredient Type: Acidifier / Acidity regulator
Synonyms: Sodium citrate tribasic, Citric acid trisodium salt

Trisodium citrate, also known as sodium citrate, is a salt derived from citric acid that is often used as a food additive and buffering agent. It is commonly used in a variety of food products, including protein powders, to regulate acidity levels and enhance flavor.

Trisodium citrate is added to protein powders as a buffering agent to help maintain the proper pH level of the product. This can help to improve the stability and shelf-life of the powder. It is also used as a flavor enhancer to improve the taste of the product.

Additionally, trisodium citrate has other potential benefits for overall health. Some research suggests that it may help to reduce the risk of kidney stones and improve calcium absorption, which can be beneficial for maintaining strong bones.

Trisodium citrate is generally considered safe when used in recommended amounts.

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