Ingredient Type: Nutrient
Synonyms: Policosanol

Octacosanol is a type of long-chain saturated fatty alcohol that is found in certain plants, including wheat germ, sugarcane, and spinach. It is often used as a supplement in sports nutrition and fitness products, as it is believed to enhance physical performance and endurance.

In protein powders, octacosanol is often included as a natural plant-based ingredient that may help to support athletic performance and overall health. Octacosanol is believed to improve muscle endurance, enhance oxygen uptake, and improve overall physical performance. It may also help to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which can improve recovery time after exercise.

While octacosanol is generally considered safe for consumption, research on its effectiveness as a sports supplement is limited and conflicting. Some studies have found that octacosanol may help to improve physical performance, while others have found no significant effects.

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