Guar gum

Ingredient Type: Thickener
Additive Number: 412

Guar gum is a type of soluble fiber that is derived from the seeds of the guar plant. It is often used as a food additive and thickening agent, including in some protein powders, due to its ability to improve texture and viscosity.

In protein powders, guar gum may be added to help improve the texture and mouthfeel of the product, as well as to enhance the mixability and dispersion of the powder in liquid. It is also sometimes used as a source of dietary fiber, which can help to promote feelings of fullness and satiety.

Additionally, guar gum has been shown to have potential health benefits for individuals with certain medical conditions, including high cholesterol and diabetes. It is thought to work by reducing the absorption of cholesterol and glucose in the body, which can help to improve overall metabolic health.

Guar gum is generally considered safe when consumed in recommended amounts.

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