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Ingredient Type: Nutrient

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is another type of phospholipid that is found in high concentrations in brain tissue. It plays a key role in maintaining cell membrane structure and function, as well as in cell-to-cell communication.

In protein powders, PS is often included as a supplement to support cognitive health, improve athletic performance, and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Research has shown that PS may help improve memory, attention, and overall cognitive function, particularly in older adults. It may also help reduce stress and improve mood by modulating levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

PS may also have potential benefits for athletes and those engaging in physical activity. Studies have shown that PS supplementation may help improve exercise capacity, reduce muscle damage and inflammation, and reduce post-exercise soreness and fatigue. Additionally, PS may help improve the body's response to training, leading to greater gains in strength and muscle mass.

PS is generally considered safe when used in recommended amounts, and there have been no reported adverse effects associated with PS supplementation.

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