VOLTRXVortexBoost Shaker
VOLTRX VortexBoost protein shaker can provide an insane 1-month use from a single charge with a 24oz capacity.


VOLTRX VortexBoost Electric Shaker

VOLTRX was founded with a simple mission: build a mixer bottle that you could use every day if it existed. One that was built for serious fitness and exercise enthusiasts rather than mass-discount retailers. One that is designed for people who pursue of a better life. Now, more than 1M people have VOLTRX with them on their quest to better themselves - whether before hitting a heavy squat, after a routine workout, or just for daily cardio.

Smooth Taste
With strong motor power, our electric shaker bottle mix the protein powder evenly. Say goodbye to caking and enjoy the silky texture, and the protein will be easily absorbed by the body.
Luminous Base
The shaker cup features cool luminous base design that adds more fun when you are making fitness drink. The base coming with battery indication can help you avoid the power failures.
Premium Vortex Mixers
Made of premium quality Tritan material and BPA free, VOLTRX VortexBoost of protein shaker bottle is anti-falling, odor-free and safe to use.
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