ChipMonkKeto Bites
Our soft and chewy Keto Bites are sinfully fudgy but totally guilt free!


ChipMonk Keto Bites

Our soft and chewy Keto Bites are sinfully fudgy but totally guilt free! These keto cookie bites are low in sugar, contain just one gram of net carbs, and are rich in protein, fats, and nutrients. These snacks are a delightful option for anyone following the keto diet or anyone with glucose sensitivities. These cookie bites are sweetened with monk fruit and allulose, which are all-natural, zero carb sweeteners. No blood sugar spikes or heavy crashes; these cookies provide sustainable energy.

Low Carb Keto
Our ChipMonk Keto Bites are a diet friendly keto snack made with wholesome ingredients for a sweet treat. Low in net carbs and sugar, these gluten free keto snacks are made with high quality ingredients like sunflower seed flour, cocoa powder, and natural sweeteners including monk fruit and allulose. These low carb keto cookies are also high in protein, healthy fats and fiber. Perfect for ketogenic dieters and diabetics, this snack is the smart choice!
Made with Sunflower Flour
Macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient rich, these keto snacks are made with sunflower seed flour and are gluten free and packed with protein and fiber. Sunflower flour has 66% fewer carbs than traditional gluten free flours and has more protein than any nuts, grains or other seeds. We know it’s important for you to get a low carb, high protein keto snack if you are following the keto diet. These keto cookies are great for diabetics and dieters
Conveniently Packaged
Our keto cookies are packaged in resealable zip-lock pouches to support on-the-go lifestyles. Take them along anywhere you'd like to enjoy a delicious keto snack. Whether you're going to the gym, shopping, or stuck in traffic; anytime you need a low carb, low sugar keto diet and diabetic firiendly snack, these keto cookies are easy to turn to. These bites stay good outside of the fridge. However, we recommend refrigeration for long-term storage.
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