PROMiXX iX-R Elite Vortex Mixer 20 Ounce

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PROMiXX iX-R Elite Vortex Mixer 20 Ounce

Powerful supplements mixing at the touch of a button, the PROMiXX iX-R is the most advanced protein shaker in the world. From the innovators of Vortex Mixing Technology comes the best PROMiXX Mixer yet. Trusted by 500,000 users across the globe and endorsed by hundreds of elite athletes, PROMiXX is the only mixing bottle that matters. Complete with a fully integrated 130ml nutritional storage pod for supplement/powder storage and through-flow technology, the PROMiXX iX-R allows for drinking while the NUTRiPOD sits inside the bottle. The elite protein shaker from PROMiXX has a powerful, lithium-ion rechargeable motor with micro-USB charging cable included. Beautiful design and effortless functionality, the PROMIXX iX-R incorporates an ergonomic mouthpiece and industry-leading seals. PROMiXX’s unique X-Blade Technology is designed to preserve micronutrient integrity for improved nutritional performance and better tasting health supplements. Perfect for protein powders, whey, vegan, plant proteins, creatine, BCAA’s and other supplements, but also a handy kitchen appliance for whipping up milkshakes, baby formula, scrambled eggs, fluffy pancake batter, juices, cocktails, bulletproof coffee, and much more!

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