Angry Mills Protein Infused Spread


Dang…Angry Mills Whey Protein Isolate-infused Peanut Spread (12 oz. jar, 2-pack) in “Wicked White Chocolate” CAFFEINATED will knock your socks off
A perfect blend of white chocolate, peanuts and whey protein…whip yourself up a BPBJ (badass peanut butter and jelly)
12 oz of protein and 40 mg of caffeine per serving, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Low Sodium, Caffeinated…and sinfully tasty

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Angry Mills Protein Infused Spread

These unique and incredibly rich nut spreads offer a protein packed treat for those looking to boost their intake. Use this caffeinated spread as an afternoon snack or pick me up any time of the day. The Chocolate Chaos Armond Spread contains 12grams of protein in a single 34gram serve.




Protein Percentage

Formulated for…

Muscle Growth

Ideally formulated with necessary protein for Muscle Growth.


Ideally formulated for lean muscle growth, endurance and recovery during exercise.

Weight Loss

Ideally formulated with necessary protein for Weight Loss.

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