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What is the best post workout Protein Powder?

The best post-workout protein powder will depend on your needs. For most people, whey protein powder offers a complete protein which is rapidly digested and offers the best value for money. We recommend using a product which contains a whey isolate as the main source of protein for maximum efficiency and value for money. When taken directly after your workout it is quickly digested and almost all contained amino acids are absorbed into your body over a 2-3 hour period.

If you have a lactose intolerance you should avoid whey concentrates, which still contains lactose. A whey isolate offers a product which is normally lactose free. If you are especially sensitive to milk based products, egg protein powder or a combination of rice and pea protein powder offer excellent alternatives to whey.

Rice and pea protein is also a great choice for vegans seeking to avoid animal based products. Its amino acids are easily absorbed at a rate close to that of whey and the two together make a complete protein source to supply all 9 essential amino acids you need.

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