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Is Pea Protein Powder better than whey?

The greatest deficiency of pea protein powder when compared to whey, is that it is not a complete protein. That is, it does not contain all the 9 essential amino acids that your body needs in sufficient quantity. While you may read other articles that suggest it is complete, the amount of the amino acid Methionine is well below what is needed for human consumption in a protein.

While this may be so, it doesn’t warrant overlooking this excellent source of protein. Pea protein makes for an excellent source of protein when blended 50/50 with rice protein powder. The two together make a complete and balanced amino acid profile, as they both have strengths where the other is deficient.

Pea protein powder also has a bioavailability index of around 65, as compared with whey which is generally over 100. This means that less of the protein can be digested by the body as compared with whey. This makes pea protein powder less effective as a protein source than whey.

Unlike whey, pea protein powder is naturally fat, cholesterol and lactose free. It is one of the most hypoallergenic options and rarely is found to cause intolerance in humans.

While pea protein powder may not be as effective as whey, it is a viable alternative for vegans and those with intolerance or other health concerns which make whey protein undesirable.

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