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How much time before a workout should I take Protein Powder?

The effectiveness of protein intake pre-workout or post-workout is generally the same, however there are other factors to consider. Firstly the type of protein does matter. The amino acids from whey protein are absorbed very quickly over a shorter window than some like egg protein or casein.

Egg protein has a medium digesting speed as well as containing high amounts of Arginine, which improves blood flow. This makes it idea to take egg protein powder prior to a workout to assist with both blood circulation as well as amino acid delivery when its most needed.

Casein is an extremely slow digesting protein and should not really be used to supplement pre or post-workout. Casein is better used prior to bed to reduce muscle cell breakdown while you sleep.

The most important factor to consider when taking protein powder prior to a workout is the effect of feeling bloated and possibly suffering a cramp during your workout. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable during a workout which is why most people use a faster digesting protein supplement after their workout. If you wish to use a protein supplement pre-workout we suggest taking it at least half and hour before your workout. This reduces the risk of your suffering cramps or feeling uncomfortable during your workout.

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