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How much Protein Powder should I take after a workout?

The amount of protein powder you take after a workout will largely depend on the type and purity of the protein powder you have purchased. After a workout you can consumer 25-30 grams of protein. This is the approximate limit to that which your body can digest over the following 2-3 hour period. Taking more than this would be wasteful and even harmful.

While 25-30 grams of protein is a good amount to consume, most protein powders are not 100% pure. You should check the protein content of your powder. In most cases the manufacturer will suggest an appropriate serving size.

Protein powder sources also have different biological values. Whey has the highest value which means that the portion of its contained amino acids that your body can absorb is the highest of all sources. Other sources that have a high biological value include egg, rice, beef and pea protein powders.

Protein powders also have different digestion speeds. Whey protein powder is the most rapid, hydrolyzed whey protein being the fastest of all whey forms. Protein powders such as egg protein powder is a slower digesting protein and can be most effective when taken around an hour prior to your workout.

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