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How is casein protein powder made?

Casein protein powder is typically made from the protein found in milk, called casein. The process of making casein protein powder involves the following steps:

  1. Milk collection: Fresh milk is collected from dairy cows and then pasteurized to kill any harmful bacteria.
  2. Separation: The milk is then separated into its solid and liquid components using a centrifuge. The solid component, called curds, contains the majority of the casein protein.
  3. Acidification: The curds are then acidified using an acid, such as citric acid, to coagulate the casein protein.
  4. Pressing: The coagulated curds are then pressed to remove any remaining liquid, resulting in a solid mass of casein protein.
  5. Drying: The solid mass of casein protein is then dried, either through spray drying or freeze drying, to remove any remaining moisture and produce a powder.
  6. Packaging: Finally, the casein protein powder is packaged and sold.

Casein protein powder is a slow-digesting protein that provides a steady supply of amino acids to the body over a longer period of time. It is often used by athletes and individuals looking to build muscle and improve their athletic performance. Additionally, casein protein powder is high in calcium, making it a good source of this essential mineral.

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