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How do I choose a protein powder?

Choosing a protein powder can be a tricky task given the multitude of products available on the market. Having said this, you can be assured there is an ideal product for your unique needs. Consider your goals as products are uniquely designed based on outcomes of muscle growth, weight loss, or in some cases weight gain.

We have provided some fantastic guides which explain how protein is used in the body as well as information about the different types of protein powder available. We recommend learning about protein use before selecting a product.

Protein Sources
Protein sources can be an important factor. For many of us, allergies can dictate which products may be unsuitable. For example, whey concentrate contains some lactose to which many are intolerant. Plant-based protein may provide a better solution for some. However, some plant proteins are not complete proteins and do not offer a balance of all amino acids the body needs. Blended plant protein from multiple sources offers the most complete protein.

Protein Manufacture
Protein powders are processed to different degrees of purity. An elite athlete may require a faster absorbing protein to meet the body's requirements quickly after an intense workout. This is where highly processed isolates and even hydrolysates can provide improved digestibility and absorption.

Protein Cost
Protein cost can vary a great deal based on the source, quality, and additives provided. It's worth considering the value for money that a product provides by working out the effective price of the protein content of the product for comparison.

We recommend checking out our best rated protein reviews as a good starting point.

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