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Can you mix Whey Protein Powder with water?

Yes, you can mix whey protein with water, but it generally tastes better when mixed with a low fat milk. There are benefits from using whey protein with water however. Water does not contain the fat and carbs that are included in milk. So for those on a weight loss diet and looking to avoid any unnecessary fats or carbs, water is a great choice. Water also allows for the protein to be absorbed more rapidly, as milk tends to slow the digestion process. If you need your protein to digest extra quickly after a workout, then water has that advantage.

When selecting a whey protein powder to use with water you may be a little more limited by choice of flavors. Most protein powders will taste good with either water or milk, but rarely do they taste great with both. There tend to be more protein powders that taste best with milk. Its worth doing a search for how a particular brand and flavor tastes with water before purchase. Reviews often tackle this question, but remember that taste can be a bit of a subjective thing.

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