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Can I buy protein powder with snap?

Yes, you can purchase protein powder with SNAP benefits, provided the protein powder is labeled as "Nutrition Facts." SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, allows for the purchase of food items that contribute to a nutritious diet. The key determinant for SNAP-eligible foods, including protein powder, is whether they are considered a food item or a nutritional supplement (1).

Protein powder labeled with "Nutrition Facts" meets the criteria set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food items, making it eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits. This label signifies that the product contributes to daily nutritional needs and is intended for consumption as part of a regular diet. On the other hand, protein powders marked with "Supplement Facts" are classified as supplements, which are not eligible for purchase using SNAP benefits as they are not essential food items (2).

For SNAP recipients interested in purchasing protein powder, it is advisable to carefully read the packaging. Ensure that the product is categorized as a food item with the "Nutrition Facts" label prominently displayed. This distinction is crucial for compliance with SNAP's guidelines which aim to facilitate the purchase of nutritious food options for beneficiaries (3).

In summary, while protein powder can be bought with SNAP benefits, the eligibility depends on its labeling. Only those protein powders marked as "Nutrition Facts" can be purchased, ensuring they are used as part of a nutritious diet according to federal regulations (4).


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