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Are all Whey Protein Powders the same?

No, not all whey protein powders are the same, but all whey protein powders are intended to boost your protein intake to either build lean muscle mass or help with weight loss. Protein powders not only come from many sources, but come in differing levels of refinement as well as being packaged with different additives to suit different workout goals.

Whey protein powders are made using one or more of three types of protein. These are whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. Whey concentrates are the least processed and cheapest form. They contain the largest amount of non-protein content and include some fat and lactose content.

Whey isolates are the most common form and are made by filtering out most of the impurities found in a concentrate including lactose which makes this product far easier to digest. Whey isolates generally provide the best value for money.

Whey hydrolysates are isolates which have undergone further processing which pre-digests the product. This means that some of the amino bonds have been broken down which allows your body to absorb them more rapidly. This form is more expensive to manufacture and costs significantly more than whey isolates.

We advise selecting a whey protein powder which includes whey isolate as its main ingredient for the best value for money. If you review the nutritional facts label, whey isolate should be listed as the first ingredient.

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