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Is Whey Protein Powder lactose free?

Not all whey protein powders are lactose free. Cheaper, less efficient whey protein powders are made with whey concentrate and contain high lactose levels.
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Is Pea Protein Powder gluten free?

Yes, pea protein powder is naturally gluten free and hypoallergenic. Also consult the product label to ensure no gluten based additives are included.
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Is Rice Protein Powder gluten free?

Rice does not naturally contain gluten which makes rice protein powder an ideal source for gluten intolerance or those with celiac disease.
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Is Egg Protein Powder gluten free?

Egg protein powder is naturally gluten free, but you should refer to the nutritional information label to ensure ingredients containing gluten haven't been added.
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Is Beef Protein Powder gluten free?

Beef protein powder is naturally gluten free, but you should also check the additives of a product to ensure none of these contain gluten.
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