Ingredient Type: Anti-foaming agent
Additive Number: 900

Dimethylpolysiloxane is a synthetic silicone-based polymer that is commonly used as an anti-foaming agent in food production, including in some protein powders. It is a clear, odorless, and tasteless liquid that is resistant to high temperatures and does not break down easily.

In protein powders, dimethylpolysiloxane is used to prevent foaming during the manufacturing process. This helps to ensure that the powder remains consistent and free of lumps, which can make it easier to mix and dissolve in liquids. It is also sometimes used in protein bars and other food products as a mold release agent.

While dimethylpolysiloxane is generally considered safe for consumption in small amounts, there is some concern over its potential toxicity in larger amounts. Some studies have suggested that long-term exposure to high levels of dimethylpolysiloxane may cause reproductive or developmental issues. However, the levels found in most foods and protein powders are generally considered to be safe.

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